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PBSC Updates

As part of our review into sanctions there are some changes to the duration and finish times for pupils who fail to meet behaviour expectations, those who truant from lessons and those who persistently fail to attend detentions for lack of homework.

Any pupil referred to the PBSC during the day will be expected to remain in school until 3.30pm (as stated in the school behaviour policy) instead of 3.15pm.  This will allow time for restorative conversations with the relevant teacher to ensure a successful reintegration into the next lesson.

In addition, any pupils that fail to meet behaviour expectations may have their time extended up to 4pm.  When this occurs, parents will be notified through ClassCharts.

For non-completion of homework, pupils will be expected to complete a 15-minute detention at break.  Those who fail to attend will be reminded to attend at lunchtime where they will spend 30 mins.  Should they still fail to attend they will be collected at the end of the day when they will spend 45 minutes in detention.

Pupils in school who truant a lesson for 15 minutes or more will be collected to complete a same-day one-hour detention, finishing at 4pm.  If the truancy takes place during P5 they will be collected the following day.

After school detentions are an integral part of behaviour management at John of Gaunt and as such all pupils will be expected to attend unless a specific reason has been agreed with the appropriate Year Team.

In all instances, parents will be notified through ClassCharts.  If you are unable to access ClassCharts and would prefer to be notified by email, please let me know by sending an email to