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British Values

Promoting fundamental British values at The John of Gaunt School

Our Values Statement

The Department for Education requires schools “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

We are committed to promoting fundamental British values through a wide range of clear and implicit educational activities. We share and demonstrate these values through our school community. British values are promoted through our social, moral, spiritual and cultural, (SMSC) education which flows throughout the schools’ assemblies, curriculum, ethos, student voice, teaching and learning and our commitment to inclusion.

Our approach to promoting fundamental British values follows equal opportunities guidance which guarantees that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status, or similar.

Promoting fundamental ‘British values’

At The John 0f Gaunt School we use a range of strategies within the curriculum and beyond to secure the promotion of SMSC and fundamental British values. Our core values of Excellence, Respect, Responsibility, resilience and Ambition demonstrate our commitment to promoting fundamental British values, and are seen throughout the school environment and are promoted across everything we do.

There is also an expectation that all teachers recognise and create opportunities for the effective promotion of a student’s SMSC education in lessons. The examples that follow show some of the many ways The John 0f Gaunt School seeks to embed British values.


All students have an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of democracy through:

  • An active Student Council that adheres to democratic principles
  • Various opportunities to participate in roles of responsibility within the school including Senior Student Leaders, participation in school governance (Student and Community Committee)
  • A curriculum that develops pupil understanding of British Life and preparation for modern British Life
  • Students being encouraged to consider alternative behaviour choices in lessons by using the John of Gaunt behaviour Policy guidance to reflect on and change their actions
  • Extracurricular activities that promote democratic processes.
  • Student Voice on key school decisions through processes including surveys, school council committees, student voice scrutiny
  • Tutor representatives on Year councils contributing to the whole school council
  • 6th Form Prefects, Anti bullying Ambassadors and Sports Leaders
  • Strong adherence to our Equalities policy and objectives in line with the Equality Act 2010

The Rule of Law

All students have an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the rule of law through:

  • The school’s Behaviour for Learning policy
  • Accountability is stressed to all stakeholders including staff (Teacher’s Standards), students (Student code of conduct) and Governors
  • A robust anti-bullying culture and a comprehensive Behaviour for Learning Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • A comprehensive system of rewards, recognition and sanctions
  • A PSHEE curriculum which highlights the rule of Law and respect for all
  • Values-based school assemblies led by staff, students, and visitors (where appropriate)
  • Restorative approaches to conflict including between students and staff and students.
  • Effective links with outside agencies including Wiltshire Police and the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

Individual Liberty

All students have an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of individual liberty through:

  • The school’s Behaviour for Learning policy, including a clear code of conduct and expectations for all pupils.
  • An outstanding system of pastoral care, guidance and support.
  • A robust anti-bullying culture and a comprehensive Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • Participation in a wide variety of school and local community charitable events and opportunities for volunteering
  • Students have key roles and responsibilities in school, such Year and Whole School Council members, Peer Mentors, Anti Bullying Ambassadors and Sports Leaders
  • All students are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in safe and supportive environment
  • Our PSHEE curriculum educates and provide boundaries for students to make choices safely, including those relating to e-safety and extremism
  • Through our curricular clubs and opportunities, students are given the freedom to make choices relating to their personal likes and dislikes and life ambitions
  • All students are given effective and independent careers advice to enable them to make appropriate and personalised choices about their future life, academic and beyond.

Mutual respect

All students have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of mutual respect through:

  • The school’s Behaviour for Learning policy, including a clear code of conduct and expectations for all students.
  • An outstanding system of pastoral care, guidance and support.
  • A teaching and learning environment based on mutual respect
  • A robust anti-bullying culture and a comprehensive Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • A comprehensive system of rewards, recognition and sanctions
  • A curriculum where all pupils have an opportunity to express their views in a safe environment where the thoughts and answers of all are respected
  • Our PSHEE and Citizenship curriculum, including Sex and Relationship Education with an explicit focus on Healthy Relationships and inclusivity for all.
  • Values-based school assemblies
  • A character education programme which is recognised through the schools reward systems on Class Charts
  • Participation in the Anti Bullying Alliance Awards programme to promote positive relationships between students (Sliver Award recognition)
  • Our Anti bullying Ambassadors, Senior Students, School Council members, and Sports Leaders promote mutual respect between students throughout the school community
  • Tolerance of different sexualities, beliefs, cultures, and faiths through student led equality groups.
  • Participation of senior students to support younger students through a paired reading programme.

All students have an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the tolerance of different beliefs, cultures and faiths through:

  • Spiritual development through a comprehensive PSHE and Citizenship curriculum alongside curriculum opportunities provided in other explicit subjects such as English, Humanities and Science.
  • Value-based assemblies
  • The Religious Education curriculum, which is compulsory for all students up to the end of KS4, provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths, religions and cultures including secular perspectives, giving students the opportunity to reflect on moral issues from the perspective of others and for themselves.
  • Participation in National Charity ‘Days’ such as Red Nose Day and Children in Need
  • Sporting and inter-tutor competitions that helps to instil ‘fair play’ and engender a ‘team spirit’
  • Links with other local and national bodies, including other schools and community partners