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Summer Exam Results

For any students due to collect their exam results this Summer, they will be available from Wingfield Hall at the following times: -

Year 13 - Thursday 17th August, from 8:15 – 12 noon

Year 12 - Thursday 17th August, from 9 to 12 noon

Year 11 - Thursday 24th August, from 9am – 11am

We strongly recommend that students come in to collect their results. Staff will be available to celebrate with them on this day and can offer advice about their next steps.

Please be aware that students must sign for their own results and that we cannot release them to anyone else unless we have written consent which includes the signature of the named student.

Therefore, if students are unable to collect their results in person, they must provide a friend or family member with a letter of authorisation giving them permission to collect their results. We have to keep this letter on file, so a text or phone call is not sufficient.

Alternatively, students can provide a stamped, addressed envelope in advance and we can post their results. We are not able to post results until Thursday afternoon, so students will not receive their results until a day or so later if they choose this method.

Other uncollected results will be held in school and will not be sent home unless by prior arrangement.

The Awarding Bodies have some useful student information pages on their websites. For example: -




If students are unhappy with their results, all Awarding Bodies offer some post-results services, including the option to request a copy of the exam papers and a review of results. Exams office staff can help to explain the available options and there is a JCQ guide which will be on the school website and can also be found here: -

Please note that only the student can authorise any post-results service. They cannot be authorised by a Parent/Carer. The Awarding Bodies charge a fee for the majority of services, which can be found on our post-results application forms, available on our website along with the deadlines for applications. These are the exact fees from the Exam Boards and vary between awarding Body and level of qualification, so please check carefully. There are two forms; one for Level 2 qualifications (e.g. GCSE) and one for Level 3 (e.g. A Level). Any decisions to challenge awarded grades must be taken very carefully, as review outcomes are final and there is a risk that grades will be lowered as a result of a review.

We wish all of our students the best of luck with their results and look forward to celebrating their achievements on the results days.