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Book of the Week

Grave Matter by Juno Dawson

Since the crash, since Eliza died, Samuel can’t find a way to go on. His need to see his love  again is overwhelming, and so he ventures into the strange, terrifying world of Hoodoo. Samuel is about to make a pact with powers he cannot comprehend, let alone control….

This was a creepy read from Juno Dawson. Published by Barrington Stoke, this edition is suitable for dyslexic readers. It follows a teen called Samuel, trying to come to terms with the loss of his girlfriend Eliza in a tragic accident. He really wants to reach out and hold her close again. Secretly, he contacts the world of Hoodoo and uses a powerful pact that suddenly starts to blow out of proportion. I really liked the illustrations from Alex T Smith, as well as the haunting vibe. The writing felt a little disjointed towards the end for me personally. It does talk heavily about grief, so bare that in mind before picking up a copy!

Happy Reading!

Mrs Bruton