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By following this link, you can see the specification on the exam board website:

AQA | 2 years full time | 5 hours a week

Entry Requirements: please refer to The John of Gaunt Sixth Form entry requirements

Sociology: What is this course about?

Sociology is the study of society, people and behaviour. This is a course that is offered within the sixth form.

As a sociology student, you will analyse how society functions and why human beings behave in particular ways. In the first year, students will study a range of topics based on Health, including definitions of health, inequalities in health chances and mental health, inequalities in relation to the access of health care and wider societal changes such as the impact of globalisation on health care in the UK. Students will also investigate Education with Research Methods including topics such as the Function of Education, and issues such as Gender, Class and Ethnic differences in achievement and wider contemporary issues including Government policies.

In the second year, we will explore the role of the media in society. Within this topic we explore the impact of new media, the representation of gender/ethnicity/sexuality/class in the media, as well as the effect that media can have on its audience. The second unit covered in Year 13 is very popular with all students, the study of Crime and Deviance. This includes studying control, punishment and surveillance, the extent of global criminal networks, the function of crime and punishment, as well as explanations for who commits crime and why.

Exams: What exams will I have to take, and what are the topics?

3 x 2 hour exams – all taken in the summer examination season of Year 13

Paper 1: Education with Theory & Methods (/80)
Paper 2: Topics in Sociology – Health & the Media (/80)
Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory & Methods (/80)

Careers & Skills: Where can A Level Sociology take me & what skills can I gain from studying it?

Sociology is a great choice if you want to go into teaching – both primary and secondary – however there are many other careers that sociology can be great for, including police, charities, the military, HR, marketing, business management, research, journalism, mental health work, social work, politics, and many more.

Sociology is also worth considering if you are unsure of where you are headed in the future. Sociology equips you with a core knowledge of society, including how it works and how it changes. This is valuable to all employers across all lines of work. Additionally, communication frequently appears as one of the most sought after skills by employers, and you will have developed your written communication throughout the A-Level course, as well as getting the chance to work in groups to deliver presentations. What’s more, you will have the added awareness of the importance of both cultural and social differences when discussing sensitive topics with a range of people.

Further Information

For further information regarding A Level sociology, please contact Miss J Martin (